Jailbreak your PS3 - How to install CFW 4.30 on your PS3

Jailbreak your PS3 - How to install Rogero CFW 4.30 on your PS3

On this page, I have compiled all that is required to jailbreak your PS3 to Rogero's new CFW 4.30 :-
  1. All the files required (verified working as I used the same files to install CFW 4.30 perfectly on my own PS3)
  2. Easy to understand instructions to benefit first-timers or inexperienced PS3 owners
*Prior to the release of 4.30 CFW, this is an earlier release for 4.21 CFW which caused some consoles to be disabled or "bricked". This latest version discussed here is a stable release which addressed the problem and is also updated to match the official firmware released to date, version 4.30.*

Note : Modification as well as downloading of games are not legitimate. In addition, trying to jailbreak your PS3 comes with the risk of damaging your console, which usually happens only if you did not follow the instructions carefully. In no way, shall I be responsible for damage to your console. 

What is Custom Firmware and which is the latest available version right now? 

"Custom firmware" refers to the firmware that has been modified or jailbroken so that your PS3 (running on custom firmware) can run game files stored on external HDD connected to your PS3. In order words, you can replace the game discs with downloaded games.

The latest PS3 jailbreak firmware currently available (as at Nov 2012) is Custom Firmware 4.30 by Rogero. That means, as of now, any game that requires Official Firmware 4.30 can now run on this latest jailbreak version. That includes, latest games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Fifa 2013, etc....

Can my PS3 be jailbroken with CFW 4.30?

To install this latest jailbreak, firstly you must be on 3.55 CFW, the previous jailbreak version on your PS3. If you are on official firmware higher than 3.55, you are unable to enjoy this jailbreak as yet unless you are able to get access to a hardware modification on your PS3 to downgrade it to 3.55 or below. This will not be covered in this tutorial.

If my PS3 has never been jailbroken before and it is still on Official Firmware of 3.55 or lower, can I still jailbreak?

Good news! The answer is YES! The only catch is that you have an added step of jailbreaking your current PS3 to CFW 3.55 before you can proceed to install CFW 4.30.
To install CFW 3.55 to your PS3 running Official Firmware of 3.55 or lower, please refer to this easy to follow tutorial here.

How to install CFW 4.30
*Please do not proceed if you are not on CFW 3.55 firmware. Ignoring this warning will cause your PS3 to brick*

  1. Download the files here to your PC. Unzip the files. You will find a QA Toggle.pkg file and a Rogero CFW folder.
  2. Empty the disc tray of your PS3.
  3. Install the pkg file - QA Toggle - on your PS3 (previous jailbroken version). To do this, copy the QA Toggle.pkg file to the root directory of a USB drive formatted in FAT32. Insert the USB drive into your PS3, scroll to GAME, scroll down to QA Toggle then press triangle to see option, select Install.
  4. You should hear 2 or 3 beeps when QA Toggle installed correctly. No. of beeps depend on your PS3 version, eg. slim or fat.
  5. Next, scroll to Network Settings on the Menu of your PS3, do not enter the sub menu of Network Settings. Just hover at the Network Settings.
  6. Press the follow combination on your joystick simultaneously - Press L1, L2, R1, R2, Direction Down button and Press down Left thumbstick (L3)
  7. You should see a new option appear before Network Settings.
  8. Steps 2-6 above is to confirm that your PS3 is ready and safe for installation of Rogero CFW 4.30.
  9. Use a clean FAT32 formatted USB drive, copy the files from the Rogero CFW folder in the file downloaded on Step 1 above to the USB drive. Make sure all the files are copied and the directory structure not altered. There should be a PS3 folder containing an Update Folder.
  10. Turn off your PS3 if it is switched on. Unplug any device that is still connected to the USB ports of your PS3. Then do a boot up into Recovery Menu.
  11. To do this, press and hold the "On" button of your PS3 till your PS3 switches on and keep holding the On button until the PS3 switches off by itself.
  12. Then repeat again by holding the "On" button, now you should hear single beep then pause then a double beep. Release your finger from the On button only after you hear the double beep.
  13. You should see the instruction to insert a controller by using USB cable and pressing the PS button. Select "System Update", then by USB drive. Insert your USB drive with the files as mentioned in Step 8 above and follow the on screen instructions.
  14. When installation of the System Firmware is completed and rebooted, you can scroll to your System Settings of your PS3 to confirm that you are on Rogero CFW 4.30.
  15. Now, go back to GAME of your PS3 menu interface, select and install both "Multiman" and "Showtime" pkg files in the same manner as your installed QA Toggle.pkg earlier.
  16. After that, you are finally done and ready to play to your heart's content using your downloaded games.

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